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Potassium Nitrate KNO3 We are offering a high quality of Potassium Nitrate KNO3. Grades are available as per requirement of Customer.
Charcoal Powder We are offering Charcoal Powder of Pyrotechnic grade and Explosive Grade which is made of high quality.
Gun Powder We are offering Specialty Powder such as Charcoal Powder, Chemical Powder and Gun Powder.
Wax Coated Safety Fuses We have already developed another variety known as "Cotton Braided Wax Coated" also called Alisa Fuse, which has additional layer of "Cotton Yarn" and "Wax".
Blue Safety Fuses We are offering Blue Safety Fuses. These are provided with covering of LPDE Tape with one more layer of the jute yarn.
Yellow Safety Fuses We are manufacturer and exporter of Yellow Safety Fuses.
Safety Fuse Safety Fuse is an "Explosives Accessory", which is used for carrying fire to the other end at fixed / controlled burning speed to detonators, which in turn detonates high explosives, to carry out necessary work.